Waking up in Copenhagen.


What a perfect end to a four day rotation full of great memories, beautiful photos, lots of laughs, a ton of fun and just the littlest bit of work (yes, there was that too).
Getting a hotel room facing not only the airport but also the ocean is like winning the lottery. Or that’s what it feels like.
It’s not every day that I get to wake up to a sunrise as beautiful and serene as this one. I must have spent some ten minutes just gazing at it in awe instead of getting dressed for work, and every second was worth it.


Come fly with me.


I’m not sure which I enjoyed more – laying on the warm sand in the hot, hot sun next to the beautiful ocean, or watching planes fly by on their final approach to the nearby airport. The combination of the two made for a perfect couple of hours and an amazing start to a day that could only get worse from there on.
And get worse it did. Somehow I still managed to have a blast working on a very limited amount of sleep (or maybe because of it), but nobody enjoys a plane full of grumpy people and frowning faces and I’m certainly no exception.


Blue, green, and every shade of beautiful.


Roses are red, violets are blue (really?), isn’t this just the most stunning view!

There’s nothing like waking up to a view like this after a long night of hard work.
And there’s nothing like the joy I felt standing on the balcony of my hotel room, hearing the waves crash on to the beach, or catching the scent of the ocean, or feeling the wind flow through my hair.
This time round I was even smart enough to bring sunscreen (SPF 50!) and use it too, so I had a splendid time walking along the ocean. I didn’t get a sunburn (sunscreen did its job!), which was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.


Touch down in Erbil twice in one day.


It’s not often you touch down at the same airport twice in two hours (actually, never), especially not one some 2600 km away from home base. No thanks to a technical problem, I did just that at Erbil International Airport. What worried me the most about this technical issue that caused us to turn around and fly right back to where we just took off from, was the fact that if we didn’t get home in time I’d miss my four day rotation the next day. Thankfully, the technician did his job (and did it well) and had it fixed in no time.
My nerves weren’t particularly happy, but at least the view was nice.